Apartments in Reval (Poland) at the beach with view of the sea

Raval Apartments are a part of exclusive apartments which came into the existence by connecting modernity with history. The name Raval stands for the historical and relaxational name of the city Rewal, which was placed on the Great Map of Duchy of Pomerania from 1618.
The map was ordered by Philip II, Duke of Pomerania who was a great lover of art and traveler.

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Apartments are located in the brand-new Apartamenty Klifowa complex, with the distance as short as only 10m to the beach and 330m to the city center. To provide the best possible comfort our apartments are included in the gated community. Each building was equipped with an elevator. Our guests are given the access to costless parking and are able to use sun decks and spa tube located inside the estate.

All apartments have been designed to meet the highest standards of function and modern luxury.

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Six furnished apartments are available at your disposal. Each of them with the convenient location. We offer:

  • Direct access to the beach
  • Sunny rooms
  • View of the sea
  • Balcony/sun deck
  • Short distance to the city center
  • Short distance to the city center
  • High standard of homeware
  • Elevator in each of the buildings
  • Gated community
  • WiFi access
  • Spa tub on the roof of the building

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Avenue of Roses and Avenue of lovers in Rewal (EN)

Avenue of Roses and Avenue of lovers in Rewal (EN)

Booking Awards in 2022

Booking Awards in 2022